Wednesday, July 23, 2014


My 8 year old learned how to ride a bike this week. He's had about 10 minutes of practice per year since he was 5. So little due to there being nowhere a kid could learn to ride within pushing a bike distance from our house. Anytime we've taken the boys out to ride bikes it's required us to pile the boys plus two bikes into an automobile and drive to a spot with an empty enough black top to practice on. For some reason it's also a requirement that the day be hot as balls - which doesn't sweeten the deal for anybody.

Anyhow, on a recent trip to the grandparents' house, the kid picked up the knack and now we're piling bikes into the car and driving to an empty parking lot with some regularity. And here's what he does...

...pedals the length of the big empty lot, puts his feet down to stop, gets off the bike, manually turns it around (a process that takes about 30 seconds), remounts and pedals the length again.

1 lap = one bazillion minutes.

Still... cool.

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